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Lower School

Primary School

Basis onderwijs


Pre K


Primary 1

Groep 1



Year 1

Primary 2

Groep 2


Grade 1

Year 2

Primary 3

Groep 3


Grade 2

Year 3

Primary 4

Groep 4


Grade 3

Year 4

Primary 5

Groep 5


Grade 4

Year 5

Primary 6

Groep 6


Grade 5

Year 6

Primary 7

Groep 7







Middle School

Secondary School


Grade 6

Year 7

1st Year

Groep 8 Voortgezetonderwijs


Grade 7

Year 8

2nd Year

Klas 1


Grade 8

Year 9

3rd Year

Klas 2


High School





Grade 9 Freshman

Year 10

4th Year Standard Grades

Klas 3


Grade 10 Sophmore

Year 11 GCSE

5th Year Highers

Klas 4



6th Form




Grade 11 Junior

Lower 6th

6th Year Studies/Highers

Klas 5


Grade 12 Senior

Upper 6th

Klas 6


On arrival, you will be assigned an Education advisor who will help you find the education establishment that best meets your needs. Contact Outpost for further information.

Pre-schools and Daycare

There are many good pre-school programmes for 3,4 and 5 year olds.

Check if the schools of your choice have any "feeder" pre-schools.


Mother and Toddler groups

The Parenting Centre at the Children's Hospital
200 Henry Clay Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118
Tel.: 504 899 9511

Organized fun-gym games, singing and freeplay sessions for various age groups and their mums. Look for one in your area in the Yellowpages.

I to I, Infancy to Independence
An education and support group for parents and children to 6yrs of age. Programmes include freeplay, art, singing and snack time - an introduction to structured environment.
Groups held at Uptown, River Ridge and Westbank locations.
Tel.: 504 889-8798

Toddlers at 10/ Zooperkids at Audubon Zoo.
A weekly Programme at the zoo for various age groups and their parents. Animals up close with animal care experts, arts, crafts and more. Runs from Jan to early May.
Tel.: 504 861 5105

Pre Schools, Northshore

Covington Montessori - Tel.: 985 893 0676
Planet Kids - Tel.: 985 626 5775
Primary Colours - Tel.: 985 674 0086
St Timothy's Pre-School - Tel: 985 626 5580

Mother and toddler, Northshore
Parenting Center St Tammany - Tel.: 985 898 4435
Gym Rompers - Tel.: 985 630 0289

Public and Private Schools

The school year runs from late August to late May.

The selection process is usually completed early February of the preceding year. It is adviseable to make multiple applications, and contact Admissions officers by e-mail as soon as you know that you are being posted here.

Recommended websites: (click on Louisiana) - an overview of the public and private school systems, curriculum content and a list of schools in the various parishes of New Orleans.

Public Schools

Public schools are under Parish jurisdiction. Quality varies widely, schools are newer on the Northshore, with good facilities and professional family base. Your child must attend the designated public school for the neighborhood where you live. Mandeville public schools have a better reputation than those in Covington and Madisonville. A school bus service is available.

There are some good public "Magnet" schools in the city but they are specifically geared to bright kids from lower income families.

Website for New Orleans public schools:

Private schools

Many are members of ISAS (Independent Schools Association of the Southwest), which co-ordinates admissions amongst a group of 10 schools and gives it's seal of approval to these schools. There are good schools which are not members of the Association.

School Lists

For the complete list of International schools, please contact us or download our Inside Guide.

Special Needs

Crescent Academy (elementary only), Uptown. Special learning disabilities. Tel.: 504 895 3952
St Michael's Special School, Uptown. Severe learning difficulties. Tel.: 504 524 7285
Chinchuba Institute, Gretna. An A.G. Bell school for the oral deaf. Tel.: 504-340 9261
St George's Episcopal/ De La Salle. Dyslexia. Tel.:504 891 5509


Tutors are commonly used if a child has difficulty learning.



911 is the telephone number used throughout the United States for emergency services.

Be sure to check the amount of coverage provided by your medical insurance provider.

United Healthcare website:


There are many hospitals of a very high standard in New Orleans, many with their own specialisms. Below are some of the most well known and recommended:

Tulane University Hospital and Clinic

Touro Infirmary

Ochsner Network

Childrens Hospital Of New Orleans

Spouse Employment

Many Shell spouses/partners in New Orleans take up paid employment or voluntary work.


In 2002, the Immigration and Nationality Act was amended allowing spouses of E1, E2 and L1 visa holders to work for an employer or become self employed.

· In order to work, you must have an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD)
· An EAD can take 1-3 months to process, after applying by mail or on-line.
· Note that the cost of an EAD are not reimbursed.
· Two passport photographs are required. These may be taken at stores such as Walgreens and CVS.

First you must apply for a social security number (SSN)

· Involves visiting a local Social Security office.
· Takes 2-3 weeks to process.
· A SSN also allows you to open bank accounts, register at e.g. libraries, rent a car, when a passport for identity is not enough.

For further information see: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Social Security

Where to find a job

There are many ways to find a job in New Orleans. By reading newspapers, word of mouth, employment agencies, open applications to companies, and via the internet.

The Times Picayune has a Job supplement every Friday.
The Times Picayune Classified pages advertise specific job types each day of the week
The Gambit weekly newspaper, new edition every Sunday afternoon.

Internet: New Orleans website. A national employment website. Employment agencies in New Orleans

Some overseas qualifications need to be authenticated, and occasionally American equivalent examinations are required to be taken to provide sufficient qualification for a job.

· Nursing: Requalification is required by taking American nursing examinations. You have to be certified by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (, and then with the Louisiana State Board of Nursing ( For more information on personal experiences, contact the Outpost office.

· Teaching: It is possible to teach for one year before taking State board certification. A translation of your teaching qualifications into the American sytem is required.
To teach in the state school/plublic system, an application is made to the parish which then informs you on which school you will be teaching at. Payment is not given for the holidays.
Private schools require certification but are not always as strict as the public schools about qualifications. Supply work at private schools has been a successful option for many spouses.

.Law: you need to have a green card and sit the bar exam.
Louisiana State Bar Association:
Louisiana Supreme Court:

Voluntary Work

There is a lot of very rewarding voluntary work available in New Orleans. If you want to work for a couple of hours or 5 days a week, there is something for you. It is a great way to meet people too.

Some suggestions for where to find voluntary work:

· Approach companies you would like to volunteer at.
· Museums/galleries regularly use volunteers, and advertise on their websites.
· Audbon Zoo:
· Volunteer job website:
· Jewish Community Centre: (you do not need to be Jewish)
· Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:
· Idealist:
· Virtual Volunteering:
. Stair - volunteer based literary organisation providing tutors for public school second grade students.
· Outpost New Orleans! Contact for more information

Partner Development Programme (PDP)

The PDP is a contractual benefit. Please refer to Shell HR Online, International Mobility policy for latest available information.

Eligilibity depends on contractual status.

Some links for further information:

Delgado Community College:
Tulane University:
University of New Orleans (UNO):
New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (NOAFA):
Alliance Francaise for French language lessons:
Michaels Hobby and Crafts:

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