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Importation of cats and dogs is regulated by the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Check their website for current importation requirements:

Another useful link: Global Pet Travel information

Quarantine is generally not required when bringing cats and dogs into the United States. A health certificate is required dated within 10 days of departure for travel, and a dogs need to be vaccinated against rabies 1 month prior to arrival.

Airlines have their own rules for transporting animals, and planning as few stops as possible is advised. New Orleans airport does not have any direct international flights. Because of the high temperatures in the summer, some airlines will not take animals on internal flights as the cargo hold gets too hot. The animals must therefore be shipped by road. It is therefore recommended to check the airline regulations for travelling at specific times of the year. United Airlines,6823,1047,00.html Continental Airlines Northwest Airlines

Another option is to use a pet shipping company, these have been recommended by expatriates in New Orleans:

"We have been relocating household pets for over 30 years. We export pets to global cities as well as provide U.S. customs clearance, boarding, transhipment if pets not arriving on direct flight, and home delivery. We can coordinate complete door-to-door transport as well." World Wide Pet Transport.

World Wide Pet Transport
20 Bryant Avenue
Roslyn, NY 11576
Tel: 516-625-2683
800-545-7387 U.S./Canada
Fax: 516-625-8802

Also: International pet shippers

The following veterinary clinic will collect your pet from the airport, and board it until you arrive:
Lakeshore Veterinary Services, Mandeville on the Northshore Tel: 985 626 5615

Another useful link:
New Orleans pets and animals directory

Boarding facilities

Animal boarding facilities in New Orleans are usually located at veterinarian offices. They normally comprise of a large metal cage of varying sizes for cats and dogs. It is often possible to ask for two adjoining cages.

Recommended boarding facilities: All Creatures Country Club Metairie Small Animal Hospital The Southern Animal Foundation The Cat Practice

Pet Friendly Temporary Accommodation

Windsor Court Hotel
300 Gravier St
New Orleans
Tel.: 1 888 596 0955

Royal Street Courtyard Hotel
2438 Royal St
New Orleans
Tel.: 504 943 6818

The following apartments are recommended for families with pets requiring short term accommodation: Citrus Creek Apartments, Citrus Creek Blvd 5245 , Harahan. Tel.: 504 733 3306

Frequently Asked Questions


New Orleans airport is small. It was first called Moisant Field, after the name of an aviation pioneer. In 2001 it was renamed the Louis Armstrong Airport, in honour of the famous musicians 100th birthday. It still uses the initials MSY.
Taxis are the only form of public transport available at the airport. It will cost about $30, to travel for about 30 minutes, or 25 miles, to get to the Shell office downtown.


Common sense should be all the protection you need from incidents. It will quickly become apparent which areas should not be visited, there is usually no need to visit the unsafe parts of town. Most expats live in the save area's and experience little to no conflict or disterbances.


The drinking age is 21years of age. You cannot take your child into a place where only alcoholic drinks are served.


Dress code is smart casual in most restaurants.
A few restaurants require men to wear a jacket. It is advisable to check first if you are unsure.
Tipping, normally 15-20% of the pre-tax bill.


New Orleans sales tax is 9%, which is added on to the items display price


Cars drive on the right side of the road in America.
The driving age in Louisiana is 15, and 17 with a full license.
You need to have a social security number to apply for a license.
A driving licence costs $24.50 and is processed while you wait, after passing a practical driving test, multiple choice examination and theory examination. An eye test is also given.

See the Louisiana Department of Public Safety website for more information:


The current rate for babysitting, is about $10 an hour. is a national website for babysitters, nannies etc.
It is also worth looking in the local newspapers for advertisements.

House maids

House cleaners are hard to find and people are very protective if they have somebody who does a good job. Look in the local newspaper and on advertising boards in coffee shops etc.
Check the website directory: and
The current rate, is about $15 an hour.

Electrical Appliances and Adapters

Voltage in the USA is 110v, plugs have two flat pins, sometimes with a round pin as well. Adapters and converters can be bought over the internet.
Many expatriates sell their converters and adapters for a fraction of the original price, when they leave the United States. It is worth asking around.

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